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The Guthrie County Hospital Foundation welcomes all levels of charitable donations whether through month pledges, yearly giving, private foundations or a promise of support through wills and bequests. Your gifts make it possible for Guthrie County Hospital Foundation to keep on giving.

Ways of Giving:

 Cash  Pledges
 Stocks  Wills
 Estates  Income tax returns
 Memorial Gifts  Honor Family, Friends
 Matching Gifts  Real Estate

Your Will

Please remember Guthrie County Hospital Foundation in your will. It is not only a lasting memorial but also a financial boost to help the hospital in ways that you may not be able to right now. Any amount will be of benefit and sincerely appreciated. If you choose to leave funds as an endowment you will be leaving an amount every year in perpetuity. For example: If you left $25,000 to the Foundation at the low rate of 2 percent, a gift of $500 would be given to the foundation each year.

Income Tax Returns

This year when you receive your tax return, consider giving all or a portion of it to the Guthrie County Hospital Foundation. Your donation is tax deductible for next year and at the same time it is an opportunity to give back when you may not otherwise have the extra funds.

Memorial Gifts

Gifts in memory of a relative or friend are a very meaningful remembrance of your loved one.

When you memorialize the name of your loved one, your memorial gift to the foundation has a lasting impact. Your support helps to ensure the continued quality care for the many individuals who rely on Guthrie County Hospital for their healthcare needs. Your gift is tax deductible and an acknowledgment will be sent to you. The family of the loved one is notified of your thoughtfulness (the amount is kept confidential).


The Giving Tree

Order of the Emerald

Legacy Society

Life Saver Club

For more information, please call Kimberly Myers at (641) 332-3830

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