GCH Board of Trustees

Mary Sheeder
John Tews
Vice Chair
Mike Underwood
Cheryl Marks
Chris Schafer
Doug Kent
Dana Tews

Administrative Team

Patrick Peters
Chief Executive Officer
Greg Opseth
Chief Nursing Officer
Kirk Johnson
Chief Financial Officer
Tina Nourse
Clinic Director
Kimberly Myers
Administrator of Support Services - HR Director

Leadership Team

Christine Drake
Cardiac Rehabilitation Manager/Diabetic Education Manager
Danielle Lauzon
Clinical Safety & Quality Coordinator
Kim Simmons
Employee Health/Infection Prevention Coordinator 
Arlene Harwood
Environmental Services Manager
Kim Betts
Food Services Manager
Kim Cheney
Director of HIM
Jeff Cobb
Director of IT
Dani Bodeker
Director of Lab
Joni Coffman
Materials Management Manager
Sarah Madsen
Director of Medical Imaging
Anna Humburg
Director of Acute & Emergency Services
DeeAnn Wedemeyer-Oleson
Director of Pharmacy 
Roger Madsen
Director of Plant Operations
Rory Johnston
Director of Rehabilitation
McKenzie Jensen
Speech Therapist
Addison Enns
Care Coordinator/Social Services
Kassie Cline
Perioperative Services Manager