Guthrie County Hospital is pleased to offer wound care. This professional service is delivered using a multi-disciplinary approach involving your personal physician, the nurse, the dietician, and the physical therapist. However; you as the patient are the most important person on this team.

Wound care products create the environment required for healing. The body will actually do an amazing job of healing itself, if given the correct tools.

Patients who have been going through the GCH wound care program report a substantial decrease or elimination of pain associated with their wounds. Some of these wounds have healed in a shorter period of time than thought possible and often our patients end their care with better overall health. We care for the whole patient; not just the wound.

There have been exciting advances in wound dressings, products and practice over the years. We have the expertise to bring this all together to provide a new level of care.

Donald Fillman, MD

Dr. Fillman has over 19 years of medical practice experience as a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician. He has provided expertise in treating patients of all ages, and recently completed training and certification as National Medical Examiner through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Dr. Fillman has received extensive training in treating chronic medical conditions and specializes in hypertension, diabetes, COPD, and hyperlipidemia.

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