The 2017 fiscal year for Guthrie County Hospital was a year of growth in terms of both new services and adding employees. As expected, total expenses increased by $1,219,256, or 8%. Still, the hospital realized a positive bottom line of $224,449. A significant contributing factor to GCH’s positive performance came from the hospital’s clinic side which had a $280,355 dollar improvement on the bottom-line versus the 2016 fiscal year.

The hospital utilized the services of Sparkpoint, Sarah Ennis, to facilitate an employee development program. The services provided included working with department managers and hospital employees to improve communication, understanding, and morale throughout the organization. One positive outcome from the Sparkpoint program was the restructuring of the department managers’ meeting and the leadership team into one consolidated leadership team meeting. Within the leadership team, there are now work groups completing initiatives under the following: employee education and training, employee support, communication, recognition and appreciation, and cross organizational teams and collaboration. These work groups will be reshaped and reorganized as the work in these areas goes forward.

The Guthrie County Hospital Foundation received a significant gift of a farm from Odel and Arlone Moore. The Moore family directed their attorney to distribute all real estate owned by them to the Guthrie County Hospital Foundation, to be used by them for the charitable purpose of purchasing medical equipment or other capital improvements at the Guthrie County Hospital. The Moore family farm total land donation totaled approximately $2.5 million dollars and the house and farm buildings netted around $100,000.

Another significant accomplishment in this fiscal year was the completion of the $700,000 remodel of the hospital. The following areas were remodeled: main entry and lobby, negative air pressure room, infusion therapy room, specialty clinic space, and emergency department waiting area space. While the project did run approximately six months longer than scheduled it did come in at the budgeted amount. An open house was held upon completion along with public tours of the improved areas, on June 8, 2017.

With the uncertainty of healthcare reimbursement, the hospital and clinics will be challenged like never before. However, by developing additional revenue generating services and working more efficiently with processes like coding and billing, the hospital is confident that it will be enabled to continue its mission of “providing personalized quality healthcare.”

Patrick Peters
CEO, Guthrie County Hospital