Request for Qualifications

Construction Manager at Risk

Project Owner: Guthrie County Hospital

Project Name: Guthrie County Hospital – Expansion and Remodel Project Location: 710 N. 12th Street, Guthrie Center, IA 50115 Delivery Method: Construction Manager at Risk (CMaR)

Notice of Intent Publication: June 24, 2024

RFQ Issuance: July 9, 2024

Notice of Intent to Respond: July 12, 2024

Questions Deadline: July 19, 2024, at 2:00 PM CST

Public Opening of RFQ: July 26, 2024, 2:00 PM CST, 710 N. 12th Street, Guthrie Center, IA


Guthrie County Hospital is a not-for-profit 25-licensed bed critical access hospital, owned by the citizens of Guthrie County Iowa, and is dedicated to meeting the health care needs of the community through personalized treatment with up-to-the minute training in a variety of disciplines and nurturing care that allows patients to improve in a familiar environment close to home.

GCH strives to educate the community on how to improve their health with the goal of a healthier community at large. Over a period of years, the hospital has acquired a reputation for delivering dynamic strategies that have impacted the availability of health care in the area.

Mission: To provide personalized quality healthcare.

Vision: Continue to improve the health of the communities we serve.


» Community

» Compassion

» Quality

» Integrity


GCH procured the services of ACI Boland Architects, Bluestone Engineering, and Graham Construction to provide professional services for a recently completed master facility plan.

Graham Construction from Des Moines, IA developed a scoping cost estimate to assist the owner with a project feasibility study. The scoping cost estimate was based on experience with similar projects and high-level discussions with the Owner.

GCH plans on funding this project with USDA-Rural Development funds. Design and scope of this project will be refined with ACI Boland Architects and Bluestone Engineering during schematic design concurrently with the CMaR selection process. Commencement of this project is dependent on the timing of securing financing and changes of the design. Owner is hopeful for a construction start by Spring of 2025 lasting approximately 3 years.


Strategic Areas of Focus for the Project:

Expanded Outpatient services – including:

» Additional exam rooms for Family Practice and Specialty Clinics

» Improve patient experience at the Main Entry by:

  • Separation of Registration/Admitting from Emergency Room entrance.
  • Activating the new Main Entry by relocation of Dining and Kitchen to the main entrance, allowing sharing of Dining and Lobby space

» Expanded radiology services with an in-hospital MRI

» Relocate Infusion, Respiratory Therapy, and Sleep Therapy to improve patient access during times when access to the main hospital may be limited due to increased respiratory admissions or other reasons.

» Update Select Inpatient Medical/Surgical rooms

» Update Surgical Suite with

  • New private flexible Prep/Recovery bays
  • Controlled access to the Suite
  • Upgraded Sterile Processing facilities.

» Relocate and increase size of Lab

» Add behavioral health room to ER

» Expand physical and occupational therapy into vacated sneakers café


The CMaR along with the Owner, Architect and Engineer Teams will be a critical member of the project team, providing services prior to the start of construction through final

acceptance and project closeout. The CMaR services are outlined below for preconstruction, construction, and post construction.


The Construction Manager will provide preconstruction phase services for the project. The Construction Manager will assign a team to the project who will be the same team

that will be assigned during the construction phase to work cooperatively with the Owner and A/E team. The CM team will be responsible for performing the following duties including, but not limited to, cost estimating, value management, full scale cardboard mockups, constructability review, scheduling, and preconstruction planning throughout the preconstruction phase. The CCM shall provide

recommendations with regard to accelerated or fast-track scheduling, procurement, and phased construction.

During the development of the drawings and specifications, the partially completed documents shall be provided to the CMaR. The CMaR shall submit to the Owner and A/E their proposed Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and its qualifications and

assumptions based upon the documents.  The Owner, A/E, and CM shall meet to

reconcile any questions, discrepancies, or disagreements relating to the GMP and the qualifications and assumptions. This project will be “open-book”, including, but not limited to, bids on all trade packages, general conditions, and fees. The CMaR shall then submit to the Owner, for approval, the CMaR’s proposed final GMP based upon the documents including the approved qualifications and assumptions. Contingent upon the Owner’s approval of the final GMP, the parties will execute an amendment to the CMaR agreement establishing the GMP.


The CMaR shall construct the project pursuant to the construction documents and in accordance with the schedule requirements. The CMaR shall hold all subcontractors and shall be fully responsible for the means and methods of construction, project safety, project completion within the schedule agreed upon in the preconstruction phase, compliance with all applicable laws and regulations including monitoring compliance with all diversity participation, equal employment, and prevailing wage requirements, and submitting monthly reports of these activities to the Owner.


The CMaR shall collect all as built drawings from vendors and consultants and approved by architect. The CMaR will also collect and categorize all warranty and maintenance manuals, certify all vendor bills after collecting all documentation, prepare the completion certificate based on all documents and drawings, and assist in submitting all occupancy documents to relevant governing bodies. The CMaR will also assist in facilitating/requiring training sessions for appropriate employees regarding the operation and maintenance of technical equipment, provide follow-up and call back services for the duration of the longest warranty period coved by contractor on the project and conduct a post-occupancy walk-through appropriately timed to address project issues prior to expiration of applicable warranties.


RFQ Issued:                                                                  July 8, 2024

Notice of Intent to Respond:                                     July 12 , 2024

RFQ Questions Due:                                                  July 19, 2024, 2:00 PM CST

RFQ Responses Due:                                                 July 26, 2024, 2:00 PM CST

RFP issued to Qualified Candidates:                        July 31, 2024*

Mandatory CM Site Walk:                                         August 5, 2024*

RFP Questions Due:                                                   August 9, 2024*

RFP Responses Due:                                                 August 15, 2024*

Selection Committee Interviews:                            TBD

Notification of Selected CMaR:                                TBD

*Subject to change


The total construction cost of the project is estimated at approximately $31M.


To facilitate the review of the anticipated responses, each candidate firm shall submit its information via e-mail electronically on standard letter size, 8 ½” x 11”. The proposal shall not exceed 10 total double-sided pages (cover, cover letter, and table of contents excluded from that quantity). All content pages shall be consecutively numbered. The submittal response shall address the following specific criteria and present the information in the order identified below.

Section 1.0

Background Information / Corporate Structure

  • Company profile, contact information.
  • Company capacity and projected volume of work.
  • List company’s total construction dollar volume, over past 3 years, by year. Include breakout of % of healthcare construction during these years.
  • Company philosophy and core values.
  • Company mission statement.
  • Provide a corporate organizational chart for your company, inclusive of any parent companies.
  • Identify your principal office and what office would service this project. NOTE: We are NOT asking for the proposed project team in this question.

Section 2.0

Experience, Qualifications, References

  • Provide five (5) profiles of projects your company has completed where one (1) profile can be of a project in the works that are of similar size-and complexity, where your company was the CMaR. NOTE: Do not include multiple phase projects without noting size and scope of each phase. Include both public and private sector projects.

CMaR firms must have experience in successfully completing a project that is similar in size and complexity to this project. Profiles should reference projects that are more than $14 million and have a commensurate level of complication to this project as

described in the project overview.

  • Brief description of project and photo, including relevance to this project and any unique features of challenges
    • Size, e.g. square feet and scope
    • Original contract construction costs and final contract construction costs
    • Project delivery method
    • Names and positions of CM firms key staff on the project and their specific role
    • Owner and contact information
    • Completion date. Note if completed on schedule or if not, provide reason for delay
    • Architect/Engineer of record
    • Sustainability features / practices incorporated in the design and construction
  • Describe your experience and knowledge of Iowa contractors, and the contractor market specific to this project area.
  • Describe your company’s experience in working with state and local review agencies applicable to this project.
  • Provide project information for CMaR / CMc healthcare project completed in the last 5 years where a guaranteed maximum price was established.
  • Provide project information for USDA funded healthcare projects in last 5 years.
  • Provide 3-5 references in addition to the projects listed above.

Section 3.0

Insurance, Litigation

  • Indicate your insurance coverage limits.
  • Provide your current and historic (3 prior years) experience modifier rating for your Workers Compensation program.
  • Provide your current and historic (3 prior years) general liability insurance cost on a cost/$ thousand basis.
  • Has your organization been involved in litigation within the past five years? If so, please describe and note the disposition of all cases.

Section 4.0

Safety Program

  • Describe your Safety Program and proposed methods to protect residents in an occupied Healthcare environment.


Selection of the successful CMaR firm will be made based on the following criteria:

  1. Responsiveness to this RFQ. Completeness of qualifications in responding to the information requested and in the designated format.
  2. Current and past experiences of the proposed firm and its identified personnel on projects of similar size, scope, complexity and delivery method.
  3. Qualifications (including technical training and education) and relevant experience of the key personnel.
  4. Ability for the firm in terms of its workload and the availability of qualified personnel, company resources, and facilities to perform the required services competently and expeditiously. This includes the availability of the key personnel to commence

active engagement on the project.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of the firm’s ability to manage the project schedule and team activities in a timely manner.
  • The firm’s understanding of the strategies to complete the project’s objective as completely and effectively as possible.
  • Relevant project and client references and evidence of successfully executing similar projects for the firm and designated project personnel, including sub consultants, for projects of a similar nature.
  • Any other relevant criteria as determined by the Owner.

This RFQ sets forth the intent of Guthrie County Hospital as to the procedures and criteria by which the construction management firm will be offered the opportunity to respond to the expansion and renovation RFP.

Except as required by statute, Guthrie County Hospital reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify this procedure and criteria to select a short list of potential


Guthrie County Hospital reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to have any Candidate firm clarify or supplement its submittal, including making such request through direct contact with the Candidate firm. GCH may hold discussions with individual firms to explore further the firm’s statement of qualifications. Based on the identified criteria, GCH will request clarifications of qualifications. Any attempt to influence any member of GCH with regard to this RFQ prior to the selection will be grounds for disqualification.


Please submit one (1) electronic copy via email or delivered/mailed on an external drive to the address listed below by the project deadline stated. Please keep submissions under 20mb if emailing.

Electronic submittals should be combined into one PDF file. The file name shall include the project name listed on the RFQ and the Candidate firm’s name. Clearly marked on the outside of the package shall be “Guthrie County Hospital Expansion and Renovation”.

Each candidate is individually responsible to ensure that its submittal meets the delivery requirements to the designated delivery destination at the designated time.


Notice of Intent to Respond

Candidate firms are not to rely on any oral instructions or answers. Questions shall be submitted prior to the Questions Deadline outlined above. Questions may be submitted by email in writing to Samuel Beckman, at the following email address: Any questions will be collected, responded to, and issued to all parties after the Questions Deadline. Oral responses affecting the information provided by the Candidate firm in its submittal will not be binding on Guthrie County Hospital, its

employees, agents, or representatives.

  1. No visitor access to the site will be allowed.
  2. GCH reserves the right to reject any or all RFQ responses and to exercise its discretion and apply its judgment with respect to any aspect of this request and the evaluation of responses.
  3. GCH reserves the right to reject any, part of any, or all submittals received and to waive informality in any submittal. The construction management firms whose submittals are not accepted will be notified.
  4. By submission of a RFQ response, Consultant agrees to preserve the confidentiality of information of the Owner used by the consultant or to which it shall be granted access for purposes of preparing the response or in performance of work pursuant to any selection resulting from the response. Such information regarding the Owner shall be protected from disclosure by the consultant and access thereto, limited to the

consultant or those having a need therefore in performance of services to the Owner. Such information may not be disclosed to any other persons, or entities whatsoever without prior written consent of the Owner or unless such information shall have

become otherwise generally available, without fault of the consultant.

  • GCH assumes no responsibility, and no liability, for costs incurred in the preparation or submission of any RFQ response.
  • If provided by the Owner, any provided documents are complementary. They are provided for use in preparing a response for the requested service only. GCH cannot guarantee their accuracy.