Hello! Welcome to Guthrie County Hospital! Our staff and employees strive to provide the best in healthcare to our patients and their families. In 2018, Guthrie County Hospital was awarded the distinction of being one of the Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals! Using the iVantage Health Analytics data base critical access hospitals are objectively compared against one another on: Market (Inpatient and Outpatient Market Share); Value (Quality, Outcomes, Patient Perspective, Cost Charge); and Finance (Financial Stability).  Each and every day our hospital and clinic staff comes to work with the objective of providing the best healthcare for our patients. The receipt of this recognition very much validates that Guthrie County Hospital is on the right track and is one of the best!

In terms of the day-to-day operations in 2018 our inpatient volumes continued to trend downward. This is not a real surprise in that with insurance structured the way it is today patients experience more outpatient service than inpatient. Annual wellness visits, value-based care, accountable care organizations, these are words that you will become much more familiar with tomorrow and in the days to come. The goal is to keep people healthier and out of the hospital. You are probably saying to yourself “Aren’t you kind of putting yourself out-of-business?” There is quite a bit of truth in that and our hospital and clinics are in a constant state of transformation. Your health is our priority and we will continue to ultimately help you remain healthy no matter what it takes.

In 2019 the hospital will be focusing on three important areas of interest: maintaining the continuity of primary care in Guthrie County; discovering new healthcare services that we can deliver to the people of Guthrie County; and maintaining and improving upon making Guthrie County Hospital a great place to work for our employees. In 2018 the hospital has experienced continued success with the following relatively new services: pain care management, weight loss management, outpatient behavioral health, and wound care management.

Finally, if you have any question(s) regarding Guthrie County Hospital and our clinics please feel free to call me [641-332-2201] or simply ask me your question(s) or share any ideas that you might have regarding how Guthrie County Hospital can better serve you and your family!

Yours in health,
Pat Peters, CEO
Guthrie County Hospital