Welcome to Guthrie County Hospital! Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 ended on a positive note from a financial standpoint. Specifically, there was a positive net income of $373,133 which is a +$705,529 improvement over last year! Another positive barometer for the hospital’s overall performance came in from The Chartis Group. Utilizing iVantage Health Analytics, a nationwide data base comparing rural hospitals’ performance, the hospital received a score of 93 out of 100. This score includes the hospital’s performance with regard to market share, value and finance.

FY2019 was not without its challenges. Inpatient revenue was down $862,529. Inpatient days were down one hundred and sixty two or ten percent. Admissions were down by fifty three or thirteen percent. Fortunately, outpatient revenue was up 9% or +$934,238. Family medicine clinics revenue was also up by 8% or +$179,140. It is important to note that this improvement was derived mostly from an increase in charges rather than volume. Emergency room visits were up by 111 visits, or a 4% increase, while the number of surgeries were down by 59 surgeries or a 12% decrease.

Looking ahead, the hospital’s clinics in Panora and Stuart will be transitioning to provider based rural health clinics within the year. The Adair Clinic attained Rural Health Clinic Certification on September 24, 2019. Guthrie County Hospital will also be opening rehabilitation services in the basement of the Stuart clinic sometime around the end of the calendar year. The hospital feels that there are some unmet needs in terms of rehabilitative care in that part of Guthrie County. The 2020 goals for the hospital will focus on: increasing patient safety; bettering the patient experience in the emergency department; increased rounding by the CEO with hospital staff; reducing the hospital’s overall loss from operations; and developing and improving primary care visits. Although the healthcare business is changing on a daily basis, our organization’s vision is to be proactive and we will move forward accordingly!

Yours in health,
Pat Peters, CEO
Guthrie County Hospital