Diabetes Support Group


August 17th, 2023 @ 7:00 p.m.

Facilitated by Christine Drake, RN, BSN

Join us at Sneakers Café located in Guthrie County Hospital for the diabetes support group.  This is a great way to share your experiences and expand your knowledge about diabetes in a relaxed educational setting.

For more information call (641) 332-3802


Healthy Eating for the Holidays Cookbook

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Diabetes Self-Management Education Program

Putting the pieces together puts YOU in charge!

Q: Who should participate in diabetes self-management education?

A: Patients who have been recently diagnosed with diabetes AND patients who have had diabetes for many years.

Patients who have never received diabetes education AND patients who have received diabetes education but need a “refresher course”. Strategies for diabetes management have changed significantly over the years.

Each participant may bring one support person– a spouse, child, or friend.

Q: Why should I participate in diabetes self-management education?

A: Patients who control their blood sugars to keep levels as close to normal as possible (through frequent monitoring, medication adjustments, and positive lifestyle changes such as proper nutrition and exercise) significantly reduce the risk of the complications associated with diabetes.

Research demonstrates that patients who never receive diabetes education show have four-fold increase in major complications of diabetes.

Diabetes education puts YOU in charge! Our program provides you with the information you need to properly care for yourself and prevent complications.

Q: What will I learn in the diabetes self-management education program?

A: Topics covered in our program include:

  • Understanding diabetes
  • Meal planning
  • Preventing and managing short-term and long-term complications
  • Monitoring blood sugar control
  • Social and emotional
  • Medications support
  • Exercise

Q: How is diabetes self-management education accomplished?

A: The program consists of four group classes and at least one individual session or more, based on each participant’s needs. Individual sessions are designed for the educators and participants to focus on particular areas of concern and allow for ongoing support after the group classes.

Our program utilizes a team approach to teaching diabetes self management. Our team includes:

  • Registered Nurse:  Christine Drake, RN, BSN
  • Pharmacist: Jackie Willms, PharmD
  • Dietitian: Carol Laughery, RDLD, RN

The team communicates and works with your primary care provider to assure effective and seamless diabetes care.

Q: Where are diabetes self-management education classes held?

A: Classes are offered at Guthrie County Hospital. Contact Christine Drake, RN,BSN at (641) 332-3802 for current class offerings.

Q: When are diabetes self-management education classes held?

 A: Contact us by calling (641) 332-3802 for the dates/times of next class.

Individual sessions are scheduled by appointment.

Guthrie County Hospital is a valuable resource for  helping you understand why it’s important to implement effective lifestyle changes that can decrease the progression of diabetes and the impact of diabetes on your life.

You may be referred by your primary care provider or contact us directly to enroll in an upcoming class. Our program is certified by the American Diabetes Association and by the State of Iowa.   In most cases, the cost is covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

(For questions regarding coverage by other insurances, contact your Insurance carrier.)

If you have questions about our Diabetes Self-Management Education Program, please contact Christine Drake, RN, BSN at (641) 332-3802.