The staff at Guthrie County Hospital & Clinics works very hard to provide our patients with a high level of medical expertise and services. We strive to achieve ultimate patient satisfaction in all that we do. We love to hear our patients’ stories, because it means that we are providing exceptional service! Read our patient testimonials below to see what our patients are saying about us.

“Dr. Wahl did a total knee replacement and I could not be happier with the results. 6 months in, I am able to go up and down stairs so much easier. There is no pain and my foot points straight forward now.  Dr. Wahl, the nursing staff and the therapy department were all extremely kind, caring and patient.”

Linda K.

“I wanted to send a letter to Guthrie County Hospital in regards to the exceptional service that my daughter and I received from our pediatrician, Dr. Cody Silker. My daughter was very ill, and I had taken her to the clinic where I work for an early morning appointment we were prescribed antibiotics, subsequently, my 4-year-old developed hives everywhere and the clinic prescribed a different antibiotic. The next day, my daughter continued with a high fever and to decline in condition. This was the day before Thanksgiving and I called Dr. Silker’s office where we were promptly seen, and Dr. Silker completed a comprehensive examination with cultures to rule out anything that was not being covered. At that time we discussed expectations and when the labs should be back after the holidays and when to go to the emergency room if my daughter’s condition would decline any farther. On Thanksgiving, Dr. Silker personally called me to inform that my daughter had a specific pneumonia that would only be covered by a specific antibiotic that we needed to start and proceeded to call it in to a pharmacy asking if any were open in our small town or if we could drive and pick it up from the city. Our local pharmacy was open for one more hour and Dr. Silker called it in immediately and the medication was started. Within 48 hours we finally broke our fever 8 days of high fevers > 102.5 in a 4-year-old is pretty scary and Dr. Silker did everything in her medical training to help us and work together to resolve this mystery. I can never say thank you enough to Dr. Silker and her staff, it is a blessing to have Dr. Silker available close to us in our community. I do feel as though she went above and beyond especially on Thanksgiving Day, she was the one we were very thankful for!”

With much gratitude,
Aubrey M.

“All the employees I ended up coming in contact with during my stay were so caring & helpful. It was so comforting!

Guthrie County should be proud & thankful to have this exceptional facility in our little community.”

Pat Sleister

“There was nothing bad to say about anyone. I’ve been in the hospital a lot with my mother and some with myself. The medical care was excellent. When I rang the bell, someone answered immediately and came in. The doctor explained things perfect and followed up on all medical needs.”

Judi Freeman

“ALL Physical Therapy gals are GREAT! I have been working with Kari and she is super-duper!”

Donna Beeler

“The team at GCH Panora is accommodating and caring. I recommend GCH Panora and Dr. Strehle to everyone I meet and rave about their intelligence and helpfulness. Guthrie County is lucky to have them.”

Robyn Van Zee

“The nurses are great–on time and not cruel. I got better care here than in the Des Moines ICU. They have a great team here!”

Ted Peterson

“I have been through Physical Therapy several times, knee replacement (2), hip replacement (2) and cardiac rehab. Because of these dedicated people, I am able to enjoy my life, and participate with my family. We are so lucky to have these caring, dedicated folks here. ”

Sherry Geopfert

“At Guthrie County Hospital, you are not just a patient, you are family. They treat you like you would treat your mother or father, with respect.

They made sure I was comfortable at all times. If I had a question that they didn’t have an answer to, they would always get back to me right away with the answer.

At one point a gentleman, who I thought was a doctor, came into the room. I was having discomfort with my IV so I asked if he could fix it for me.
I came to find out that was the CEO of the hospital coming to see how my stay was at GCH. He immediately went and got a nurse to fix my IV. That meant a lot to me!

The Physical Therapy went above and beyond! They were there for me when I needed them. They were always positive and encouraging me to do my best.

Don’t have fear going to Guthrie County Hospital because you will get excellent treatment! They are great, caring, compassionate people!”

Abraham Leibbrandt 

“Thank you to everyone! You have the best team!”

Reanna Shellenbarger

“Excellent care and very friendly & helpful. They let you know they care about you as a person.”

Cheryl Rosenbeck