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What is Occupational Medicine Services?

Occupational Medicine is the practice of dealing with health conditions caused by the workplace environment. The focus is on preventing, evaluating, treating and resolving workplace health issues.

Purpose of Occupational Medicine Services

Occupational Medicine services serve employers and their employees. With on-site visits, staff are able to provide focused injury care that utilizes their knowledge of the working environment. A “back to work” philosophy seeks to minimize case length and reduce workers compensation expenses.


Guthrie County Hospital Occupational Medicine provides support from the initial process of identifying essential job functions to designing protocols to test those job functions with the goal of minimizing the risk of work-related injuries. In the event of an injury, our team will diagnose, treat, and manage the injury as well as educate the employee to reduce possible re-injury.

  • Physical Capacity Profile® to determine baseline physical capacity and ability to perform essential job function’s
  • Physical exams and DOT physicals
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Spirometry/pulmonary function testing
  • Basic vision testing
  • Lab testing, immunizations, TB testing
  • Mask fit testing
  • EKGs
  • Sleep apnea screenings & home sleep studies
  • Further cardiopulmonary services in medical center
  • Work comp medical services
  • Primary injury care (musculoskeletal, foreign body in eye, chemical exposures, sutures, etc.)
  • Physical and Occupational therapy services for work-related injuries.
  • Work conditioning/work hardening
  • Fit for duty evaluations
  • On-site radiology including CT scan
  • Wellness continuation program
  • Customized services
  • Job site analysis: review of employer’s current job descriptions and interviews human resources and business partner representatives regarding the current job demands. Observes jobs that are being analyzed. Works with employer to determine essential functions of the job, then objectively measures those functions, develops a quantitative job demands analysis and presents to the employer.
  • Ergonomic assessments: survey of ergonomics on the job site with the goal of injury reduction.

Why Choose Us

The goal of our Occupational Medicine services is to build a strong working relationship with businesses and industries to ensure the safety and good health of their employees. Guthrie County Hospital is willing to work with each industry or business to customize a program that meets their individual needs.

Guthrie County Hospital Occupational Medicine delivers value by:

  • Improving workplace safety
  • Reducing Workers’ Compensation cost
  • Minimizing OSHA recorded events
  • Reducing lost work time and cost
  • Reducing risk of re-injury for injured workers
  • Reducing administrative costs by saving you
  • time, resources
  • Improving productivity and morale

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Help keep them healthy and safe by partnering with Guthrie County Hospital.

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