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Stuart Rehab Clinic utilizes physical therapists to treat people of all ages, including newborns, children, adults and elderly individuals. They may consult and practice with other health professionals to help you improve or restore the mobility you need to move forward with your life.

What makes our team unique is our ability to treat patients in home (through Guthrie County Public Health) and in the outpatient setting.

Our facility is a new and continually changing place. Our building, which is located in the basement of the GCH Clinics in Stuart, is easily accessible and provides a friendly and modern atmosphere.

Physical Therapy can help you with your:

• Arthritis and Osteoporosis
• Back, Knee, and Shoulder Pain
• Athletic Injuries
• Overuse Injuries
• Incontinence
• Orthopedic Issues (repairs and replacements)
• Stroke and other Neurological Problems (nerve damage, spinal cord injuries)
• Sprains, Strains, and Fractures
• And much more

Evaluate and Assess

A physical therapist works together with your primary care physician to understand your medical history and makes observations through routine tests, including muscle strength, sensation, and range of motion. This helps develop personalized treatment and therapy goals.

Pain Reduction
Physical Therapists may use modalities such as heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, massage and soft tissue mobilization, traction, and stretching to reduce your painful areas.
Strengthening and Stretching Physical therapy can improve mobility, decrease pain in joints or soft tissue, enhance circulation, and help you function better. With specific exercises that you can do at home, Physical Therapy can help alleviate current conditions and prevent future injuries or declines in quality of life. With specialized training in biokinematics and pathophysiology, physical therapists can design individualized exercise programs for people with multiple medical problems, as well as for the elite athlete.

Assessment for Walking Aids

Physical therapists can evaluate your situation and help you adjust to the use of braces, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, or other support devices to make you more independent and safe.

Education on Prevention Physical Therapists provide a key role in wellness education such as:

• Teaching you how to prevent back pain and injury.
• Providing sports medicine education to help heal and prevent athletic injuries.
• Explaining job specific body mechanics in order to avoid work-related injuries.
• Advising new and expecting mothers with safe exercise techniques.
• Demonstrate ways to prevent re-injury.

Urinary Incontinence

Physical Therapists can assess and treat your issues of incontinence. Treatment for this may include strengthening exercises for the pelvic floor, dietary changes (such as reducing foods and beverages that may be contributing to the problem), bladder training, keeping a bladder diary, and use of surface EMG to assess muscle control.

Gait and Balance Training

Physical Therapists can assess your stability and balance while upright. They may work with you on strengthening exercises, coordination exercises, balance training activities and suggest assistive devices if indicated.

Kari Johns, DPT

Kari is a licensed Physical Therapist.  She attended Simpson College and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Arts, majoring in Biology.  She attended Physical Therapy school at Des Moines University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  She provides treatments at Stuart Rehab Clinic and in home through Guthrie County Health Services.  

Jenna Castle, DPT

Jenna is a licensed Physical Therapist.  She attended Iowa State University and graduated with a Bachelors in Kinesiology and Health. She graduated PT school from Creighton University with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She provides treatment at Guthrie County Hospital and Stuart Rehab Clinic.