Cardio-Pulmonary Services

Choose GCH  for Cardio-Pulmonary care designed specific to your needs.


Respitory Care

Nebulized Medications
Flutter Therapy
MDI Instruct & Administration
Incentive Spirometry
Continuous AerosolSputum Induction

Oxygen Therapy

Help Provide Home Oxygen Therapy



Pulse Oximetry

Pulse Ox Single Check
Pulse Ox with Exercise
Pulse Ox Overnight
Pulmonary Stress Simple


Other Respiratory

Breathing Exercise & Anxiety Reduction
Self Care Management
Draw ABG’s for Laboratory
Respiratory Care Home Visits


Asthma Education

What is Asthma?
Controller Medications
Rescue Medications
Asthma Action Plan
Peak Flow Monitor

Pulmonary Function Testing

Spirometry Before & After Bronchodilator
Basic Spirometry
Vital Capacity
Lung Volumes (Helium/Nitrogen)
Diffusing Capacity (DLCO)
Aridol Challenge

Cardio-Pulmonary Brochure