Guthrie County Hospital & Clinics is proud to announce that one of our LPNs has been named an honoree on the 2024 list of 100 Great Iowa Nurses.

We have all met at least one outstanding nurse whose courage, competence, and commitment to patients and the nursing profession stand out above all others. Each year, the 100 Great Iowa Nurses program asks for patients, coworkers, friends, and family members to nominate an outstanding nurse for recognition. After a review process, 100 Great Iowa Nurses are honored each year at a ceremony created for the state of Iowa.

This year, Jentry Hise, GCH Clinics LPN, was included in the list. She was nominated by a community member and will be recognized at a virtual award ceremony in the spring. Below are excerpts from her nomination letter.

“Jentry is the nurse at the small-town clinic in our town. Known and loved by all as a nurse. She’s worked at the clinic in our town longer than anyone else that’s come and gone from there. If that doesn’t speak for itself, then I don’t know what does. She serves her small town as the only nurse in town, on boards, and volunteers for organizations and fundraisers. Her hard work and dedication to the community speaks for itself as she always demonstrates compassion for the community and the nursing field.”

About Great Iowa Nurses

100 Great Iowa Nurses was established in 2004 and hosted by the University of Iowa until 2020. In 2022, with the support of Mary Greeley Medical Center, the program, now called Great Iowa Nurses, is returning to recognize Iowa nurses that routinely go above and beyond every day and take that extra step to ensure safe, compassionate care for their patients. These great nurses share their experience and knowledge to improve the health of their communities. They also take on leadership and mentoring responsibilities, serving as role models for everyone they work with, especially those just entering the profession.

Honoring great nurses is the goal of Great Iowa Nurses, a non-profit program that recognizes nurses in the state of Iowa and spotlights qualities that demonstrate efforts beyond those expected of a nurse within their normal duties.

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About Guthrie County Hospital & Clinics

Guthrie County Hospital & Clinics is dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of our community through personalized treatment and nurturing care that allows our patients to recover close to home. 

In the healthcare industry, knowing your patients and making sure you have the care and services they want becomes imperative. Guthrie County Hospital & Clinics has acquired a reputation for delivering dynamic strategies that have impacted the availability of healthcare in the area. We continually assess the needs of our community to develop a strategic approach to providing these needs as the state of healthcare changes. 

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